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Jonas Brothers’ New Music: “Just Days Away From Choosing a Single,” Says Kevin

The Jonas Brothers

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Drumroll, please!

Not only have the Jonas Brothers recorded a bunch of new music, they are thisclose to deciding which song will be the first single.

“We’re almost done,” Kevin Jonas told me last night at the Express and Vogue event. “We’re just days away from choose a single. We’re going through the top four choices right now.”

They have about 13 tracks completed. “We don’t know if that’s a full album or that’s an EP,” the freshly minted E! star said.

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KevJo said their sound has “definitely matured but without being inorganic to who we are. We’re still the same.”

And they’re in complete control.

“Nick is in there producing” much of the new work, Kevin said. “It’s awesome. People may go like, ‘Oh, who’s the producer changing your sound?’ but it’s really us. It’s the three of us in a room making it happen.”

Can’t wait.

You psyched for new music from the Jonas Brothers?



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