Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia

Married Kevin Jonas fancies a date with Yuna

By Chew Wan Ying 
The Daily Chilli
Thursday, Oct 11, 2012

It’s been two years since the last Jonas Brothers concert tour and three years since their last album Lines, Vines And Trying Times.

But Kevin, Joe and Nick insist that they never went away.

“I wouldn’t call this a comeback,” said Nick, the youngest at 20, during a Malaysian press interview this week. “We’ve always been together. It’s just that we were doing separate things. Now seems to be the right time [to work together again] and we’re very excited.”

That said, the Jonases are in a very different pop scene than their Camp Rock days.

For the Disney kids now in love with Justin Bieber and One Direction, the Jonas Brothers-having been around for seven years-may already be too old, and perhaps even too grown-up for the tweens who once made them superstars.

After all, Kevin’s been married to hairdresser Danielle Deleasa since 2009 and they have their own reality show, Married To Jonas, produced by Ryan Seacrest.

Meanwhile, Joe’s tried his luck at a solo album, Fastlife.

And Nick started his own adult band, Nick Jonas & The Administration, while juggling musical theatre roles in Les Misérables and How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying-and Broadway and West End aren’t exactly pop chart feeders, unless you’re from Glee.

They admit that this is “a new phase” they’re entering, but they’re confident that their songwriting ability and being musicians make them different from the rest of the wavy-haired pop idols. Another album is already in the works and they’ve released a preview of their new single, Meet You In Paris.

“It’s like an evolution, and we’re coming into the new project with an open mind to discover how to work together, create music and perform,” said Joe, the middle child at 23, discussing the shift in the group’s dynamic.

The Jonases are in the process of “finding the perfect songs” for their next record and they’ll likely give their fans an earful of new material at their concert here.

The songs are “about who we are and the subjects we want to talk about” they said, adding that they’ve taken control of the writing for the album.

Coming to Malaysia was a given considering that the Jonases have been repeatedly bombarded by Malaysian fan messages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube begging them to come over and play.

“Our expectation is that they seem to be really, really strong fans and we’re really happy to perform for them,” said Nick, promising to sing “tons of old songs” by popular demand.

“To go to a new territory we haven’t been to is incredible as we’ll be able to spend the time we’ve always wanted in this market for the fans who’ve been supportive for so long,” added Kevin, the eldest at 24, about their first live concert in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday 24th October.

Despite having been a proper group since 2005, they “sometimes” still get butterflies before a show, but there are no diva pop star tour riders to make them feel better backstage.

“It’s very easy to eat a lot of junk food on the road, so we try to keep everything in the dressing room as healthy as possible. There’s nothing crazy like white tulips only,” said Kevin with a laugh.

However, there is one request they’d like to put out there: a date with Yuna.

During the interview, Kevin showed us a picture of her album cover on his phone and played us a snippet of Lullabies, a track from her US record release.

“I knew I had her album,” he said, responding to whether the Jonases knew of any Malaysian acts, which he backed up with an enthusiastic “All right!” after a suggestion that they hang out with Yuna sometime.



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