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It’s Showtime For The Jonas Brothers

They’ve been away pursing solo careers that include stints on Broadway (Nick), a reality TV series (Kevin) and an album launch (Joe). Now they’re reuniting and the Jonas Brothers promise that they’ve still got what it takes to rock and roll.

The band of brothers
The band of brothers

This 24 October the Jonas Brothers will be bringing their brand of pop, plus promises of some new material to Malaysia. As they kick off their World Tour, which begins in Australia, Kevin, Nick and Joe expressed in a recent Skype interview that they are really excited about making a comeback.

It has been three years since their last big get together and the Jonas Brothers are in top form, and assure fans that there will be no ‘puking’ on stage (ala Justin Bieber), though Nick did joke that they were “tempted to add that bit into the show.” Here’s a little bit more insight on the Jonas Brothers and what’s in store.

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What prompted this decision to reunite?
We felt that it was about time and the right time in our lives. We’ve been doing separate things in our careers but coming together is really exciting and we want to focus on the brothers again.
Coming back together has there been a shift in dynamics within the group?
I think if anything there has been more of an evolution. We’re coming into this reunion with an open mind. But it’s been great to rediscover how to work together to create music and perform again.
There is a lot of talk about your new album, what can you tell us about it?
It’s been a great journey. We’ve been working on loads of material and we’re still putting things together but for our show in Malaysia we’ll be playing three of the songs from the new upcoming album, which includes the single Meet You In Paris.
What’s the album going to be like?
The best way to describe the upcoming album is that it is all us – from what we wanted to put out there, the music to the production. We are in control of our destiny now and the album is representative of who we are as artiste at this point.
This will be your first trip to Asia together, isn’t it?
We’ve been individually to different parts of Asia but as a group this trip be a first for us. We’re really looking forward to seeing our fans and spending some time with them. To go to a new territory that we haven’t been is an incredible feeling.
What can we expect from your World Tour?
The concept of the tour is to show off our new dynamics and to focus on the music. We’re going to play a ton of the old songs and some new ones. We want to give fans as many of our hits as possible. We’ve had a lot of requests on Twitter and Facebook for songs so we’ve taken what was said and incorporated all that, and beyond, into the show.



Jonas Brothers Go From The Stage To The Softball Diamond

Jonas Brothers

NEWARK, New Jersey — When the Jonas Brothers get some free time, they like to spend it playing softball. So, on Wednesday (July 15), the boys and their team, the Road Dogs, comprised of their road crew and dad Kevin Jonas Sr., decided to play some ball at the Riverfront Stadium just hours before their sold-out concert at the nearby Izod Center.

The boys — Nick plays shortstop, Kevin is right-fielder and Joe is short center — all gathered before the big game to talk to MTV News. Kevin, who was donning a pair of white loafers, swore that he’d change into cleats before the game.

The guys, who played another softball game for charity earlier this week, explained why they chose to name their team the Road Dogs. “We’re on the road a lot, and that’s what we said about ourselves in the past before we had a softball team,” Nick said.

Before they formed a team, their experience on the diamond was limited to, as Joe explained, some games on the Fourth of July. “Pickup games here and there,” Kevin added. “Definitely been a part of softball growing up.”

So if the guys were professional players, who would they be? Nick chose Derek Jeter, Joe would be Babe Ruth, and the brothers helped Kevin out with his pick. Nick suggested Jorge Posada. “Cool, I’m into that,” Kevin said. But it was Joe’s suggestion of Manny Ramirez that got a mixed reaction. “Manny, I don’t know about Manny,” Kevin said. “I think that’d be awesome.”


etalk at the MMVAs

Rolling Stone cover, again!

If the Jonas Brothers’ first moment on the cover of Rolling Stone found them reaching the height of teen pop stardom, their latest — on stands this week — finds them pushing for an even loftier goal: musical credibility.

“I think we are working to make that trade without having to give anything up,” Kevin Jonas tells Rolling Stone in our cover story. (Check out photos from their Rolling Stone cover shoot here.) “But I think it will take time, because of where we came from. I would honestly say to anybody, if you were in a band like us, you would take advantage of those platforms too. It’s easy for people to say, ‘No, I’m a real rock & roller,’ but I think you do what you’ve got to do.”

Our Jenny Eliscu spent time with the brothers in Los Angeles and in their new, sprawling Dallas home as they prepared to hit the road in support of their most ambitious album yet, “Lines, Vines and Trying Times.” The album, the tour and much of what the band does these days seems designed to help facilitate the leap from teen pop to contemporary rock. It’s a challenging feat that few have pulled off . But the brothers are working hard on what they know will be a long, slow march to credibility. Eliscu found Nick on point as the band’s creative lead, putting their touring band through their paces (his brothers have started calling him “Mr. President”), while Kevin helps to steer the Jonas business and image (he even built a foam 3-D scale model of the band’s new stage set, which now takes 180 people to assemble at each show).

“We have an operation around us that we run,” Kevin tells Rolling Stone. “It’s not run for us, or dictated to us. Everything that we do, we sign off on.”

But even with a strong operation and a lot of hard work, the band knows that teen idols rarely make the leap to “serious artist.” “Personally, I’m not in the band to say, ‘Hey, you need to respect us, take us seriously,’ because that’s kind of stupid,” Joe tells RS. “We’re doing it because we love it, and we don’t care what age group we attract. If they like our music, they like our music, and if they don’t, fine. We don’t need you like our music.”

Jenny Eliscu’s Rolling Stone cover story, “Boys to Men,” is on newsstands now, and click here for Rolling Stone’s essential Jonas Brothers coverage.


Source: Rolling Stone Magazine


Money, fame and fans haven’t changed the Jonas Brothers one bit.

So says Honor Society, one of the opening acts for the Jo Bros’ just-launched world tour. We caught up with the group the other day at a private home in Los Angeles, where they were shooting a video for “Where Are You Now?,” a single featured in Vanessa Hudgens’ upcoming movie Bandslam…

“With all of the success that the Jonas Brothers have, they are extremely humble,” said Honor Society frontman Michael Bruno. “We’ve always been able to observe that about them, and that’s something that we plan to take with us as we grow as a group.”

Fellow bandmate Alex Noyes also chimed in: “One thing Nick always says that really strikes me is, ‘Live like you’re at the bottom when you’re at the top.’ ”

Honor Society first met Jo Bros last year.
“An EP we made, made it into the hands of Nick, Kevin and Joe,” Bruno said. “They liked what they heard, and we started to strike up a friendship first. And through that friendship, sort of a musical partnership started to happen.”

In fact, the Jonases have cowritten songs on Honor Society’s upcoming album.
“The guys are really awesome,” said keyboardist Jason Rosen. “They’re very organic. They’re very creative, and we just have a great time recording with them.”

Source:E Online