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Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Official Logo for Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

jonasvault:  (via jonasmosaic) Nick looks fussy in the kind of way that one would be when they start their period at camp, to be honest.   I’m so excited about this right now I could pee in my pants. No lie. Also, I love how Joe and Kevin did NOT straighten their hair. Bonus points.  CAMP ROCK 2! Bring it on :)

Promo Poster for Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

From Left To Right: Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is the 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie sequel to Camp Rock. It was filmed all around Ontario, Canada. Production on the film began on September 3, 2009 and wrapped on October 16, 2009.

On the world premiere of Camp Rock 2 aired on the 3rd of September 2010, Camp Rock 2 has managed to earn 8 million viewers, a million short as compared to the first movie, Camp Rock. This is probably because of the leaked version that was already released via torrent.

The film received mostly positive reviews from fans. The review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes reported that 83% of the website users gave the film positive reviews, based on 846 reviews, with an average score of 7.9/10.

PREMIERE DATE: 5th September 2010 on Disney Channel Asia, 7.30 pm

  • Summary

This sequel to the popular Camp Rock movie storyline follows Mitchie, Shane, Jason, Nate and their friends as they return to Camp Rock for another great summer of music and fun. However they soon learn that a new state-of-the-art music/performance camp, Camp Star, has opened across the lake and has lured away many of Camp Rock instructors and campers—putting the future of Camp Rock in jeopardy.

When Camp Star’s hotshot performer, Luke Williams (Matthew Finley), challenges Camp Rock to a musical showdown to see which camp really has the stronger musical talent, everyone prepares for the ultimate battle of the bands. Meanwhile, in a classic “Romeo and Juliet” twist, Nate falls for the daughter of the owner of the rival camp.

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