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JONAS L.A. (Season 2)

Jonas L.A. (previously titled Jonas) is a Disney Channel Original Series created by Michael Curtis and Roger Schulman, starring the Jonas Brothers. The pilot was filmed in September 2008, the series premiered on Disney Channel on May 2, 2009, and became available on demand starting on April 25, 2009; first-run episodes currently air on Sunday nights.

On November 9, 2009, it was announced that JONAS was picked up for a second season. On May 5, 2010, it was revealed that the name of the series has changed to Jonas L.A., reflecting the move to Los Angeles, making it the first Disney Channel sitcom to have the show’s main setting change during the course of the series. The new season premiered on June 20, 2010, and with the reformatting of the series, Disney Channel no longer rebroadcasts episodes from the show’s first season.

So far 10 episodes have been aired on Disney Channel USA.

This series runs from 2010-2011.

Main Cast

  • Kevin Lucas (Kevin Jonas)

In “Date Expectations”, it is discovered that he doesn’t like his middle name, Percy, to be used. As the oldest brother, Kevin can be goofy and competitive at times, but he lets his nurturing side show as he keeps his brothers in check. He comes to Los Angeles and falls in love… with a bio-fuel car that runs on bacon grease. Along the way he finds a new passion: directing.

  • Joe Lucas (Joe Jonas)

In Season 2, he is seen hugging Vanessa Page causing Stella to only want to stay friends with him instead of having a relationship. The best overall image and hair-obsessed member of the band, Joe is using his summer to explore a career in acting and the film business. His flirtatious nature gets him in trouble, however, as he sorts out his relationship with Stella and decides to go out on a date with Vanessa Page.

  • Nick Lucas (Nick Jonas)

In Season 2, he develops a relationship with Macy Misa, being smitten by her different and more relaxed attitude towards them. His moments with Macy tend to get interrupted by DZ. In “The secret” Nick is force to watch over Big Rob’s niece; who happens to know that Macy and him are dating. In order for her to not tell everyone she makes Nick do a collaboration with her. He ends up telling the rest of the friends about his relationship through the song that he and Kiara made.

  • Stella Malone (Chelsea Staub)

In season 2, she sees Joe hugging Vanessa Page thinking they are going out, making her decide that she only wants to be friends with him instead of being in a relationship. Stella dates a boy named Ben and goes out with him, to Joe’s disappointment. In the episode “America’s Sweethearts,” Stella is jealous when Joe’s producer asks him to kiss Vanessa Page. Stella tells Joe that Vanessa doesn’t like him back, so that Joe won’t kiss her. Stella feels guilty, and admits that she lied. Stella had fallen into a lapse of liking Joe, but she snapped out of it so Joe and Vanessa, a.k.a. “Joenessa,” could give it a chance.

  • Macy Misa (Nicole Anderson)

In Season 2, she is shown to have greatly changed no longer being the crazy fan that she was in Season 1. This different attitude and the true appearance of her personality intrigues Nick who becomes smitten by her. Her moments with Nick tend to get interrupted by DZ. In the episode “The Secret” it officially shows that Macy and Nick are dating, but they want to keep their relationship a secret. It is revealed in a later episode that she has many brothers and they are a big golfing family. It is also revealed that her mother taught her to play golf and her family only gave handmade presents.

Recurring Cast

  • Frankie Jonas as Frankie Lucas

He is their younger brother. He is constantly trying to get in the JONAS spotlight. Frankie hopes to get a chance to perform with the band, but his brothers don’t think that is likely. Frankie can move very fast and is an expert at hide-and-seek, and getting his way. He was raised in New Jersey and enjoys playing ping-pong. He has a crush on Macy, and was briefly mad at Nick for dating her.

  • Robert Feggans as The Big Man

He is the bodyguard who escorts the band everywhere. He is seen to live with the boys in L.A. He has a niece.

  • Dennis Zimmer (Adam Hicks)

A new friend who the band meets while in L.A. He is the son of a music producer who is very rich. He shows the band the hot spots in Los Angeles. He is very fun and outgoing. He is also a rapper who tries to get his father to listen to his songs but can never get the chance.

  • Vanessa Paige (Abby Pivaronas)

A popular actress who co-stars with Joe in a big-time film “Forever April.” She is also briefly his girlfriend on the show.

  • Lisa Malone (Beth Crosby)

Stella’s aunt who Stella and Macy stay with while residing in Los Angeles who also wants them not to have a relationship with rockstars. She appears in every episode in season 2.

  • Mona Klein (Debi Mazar)

The director of Forever April.

  • Kiara Tyshanna (China Anne McClain)

The niece of Big Rob, she was the first one to find out about Nick and Macy dating.


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